I was sitting in a Middle Tennessee Circuit Court last week waiting for my case to be called up so that I could yet again dispense some justice when a routine matter caught my ear. You see, I was sitting in the jury box, close enough to hear the Judge’s comments to folks who approached the bench. In this matter, the Court had called one of its “uncontested divorces” to be heard at the bench. The wife appeared before the Court and handed some papers to the Judge. After reviewing the papers, the Judge noticed that the Marital Dissolution Agreement had not been signed by the husband. The Judge advised the young woman that he could not enter the divorce and asked where the husband was. THe wife replied that the husband could no longer be found. Once again, the Judge advised the woman that he could not grant her the divorce. After numerous attempts to get the Judge to provide her legal advice, and after many responses from the Judge that he could not provide legal advice, the woman came one comment away from finding herself in contempt of Court and being placed in jail. The Judge finally demanded that she walk away from the bench, to which she sheepishly ducked her head and walked out not knowing what to do next. The Judge was furious at yet another attempt to obtain a divorce without first hiring counsel. This scene plays out everyday in Court’s across this great state. It doesn’t have to be this way! If you are unable to hire counsel, call us and my office will prepare for you professional documents that are guaranteed to be correct and happily accepted by Tennessee Courts. Problem solved!