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Some of you know that I was involved in a highly contested and complex divorce case the last two years that was, well, to say the least, unusual. It started when an existing client of mine told me he had gotten married and that he needed me to get him out of a bad situation. This was a client I had represented for several years in numerous civil matters. The story he told me next almost floored me.

The long and short of the situation is that the twenty something wife was person who took advantage of men by making false claims of cancer or other promises of law suit money. She took advantage of an older gentlemen who had too big of a heart to see the scam. Then, after convincing him to marry, she files for divorce after 37 days of marriage. She sought every conceivable form of alimony. My investigation showed her for the fraud she was and I was able to obtain an annulment for my client and a judgment against her for all the money she had obtain by fraud. By the way, when I took her deposition she took the 5th Amendment 652 times! I guess I would to in order to avoid jail and to protect my mother and family members from the fraud I had committed.

Again, this was a Bedford County, Tennessee, case. These people are still out there. They defrauded numerous people under various claims of cancer or other illnesses. People beware. You have been warned.

Additionally, I have represented many people in divorces with many unusual facts. Some of the more interesting ones are cases were people are using their computers to hide photos and videos of their lovers. The looks on their faces when they are confronted with them in court is priceless.

I routinely handle complex divorce cases of all times. Some involve large wealth, some involve lovers, some involve fiercely contested custody cases. In all of them, I fight for the rights of my client and prepare to win each case.

If you know of someone needing an attorney experienced in complex divorce cases, please refer them to The Reeves Law Firm.