Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite days. For those of you who know my wife you know that I am a huge romantic. Its only fitting that one of the greatest days of my life occurred on Valentines Day.

Seven years ago today I had decided to take the day off from work so that I could cook a lovely dinner for my beautiful wife. I spent the day buying fresh lamb chops, filet mignon, herbs and spices. I even went to the store and bought my wonderful wife a bottle of wine (no, I cant remember what kind or from what vineyard it came, but I bet my wife can!). After lunch, I began the process of getting the kitchen set up for this wonderful meal I had prepared.

I had chosen a menu of Rosemary Panko spicy mustard crusted lamb chops, pan seared filet mignon with herbed potato cakes shaped as hearts along with other veggies. Around mid afternoon, I asked my lovely wife if she would like for me to open the bottle of wine and pour her a glass. She graciously accepted my offer. As I began opening the bottle of wine, which admittedly I am not good at as we hardly ever have any, I noticed that my wife had disappeared. After several minutes, I went looking for her.

With glass in hand, I approached the door to our master bathroom when the door opened immediately followed by a shrill shriek. I had unintientionally frightened her by suddenly appearing at the door as she opened it. My wife looked at me holding her wine glass and burst into tears while stating through the sobs, ” I can’t drink that.” Puzzled, it was at that moment that I saw what she had in her hand, a pregnancy test.

You see, for the last year and a half we had been trying to conceive a child. We were beginning to get very worried that it may not happen. On top of that, for the last month or so before that day I had been working very hard on a multi-day adoption trial here in Bedford County (that I won, by the way!), so much so that my stress level, and therefore my wife’s stess level as well, had been through the roof.

It was at that moment my wife fell into my arms and declared, “I’m pregnant!” Tears of joy, the likes of which I have never shed, streamed down my face. I promise, I didn’t stop smiling the rest of the day/night.

I finished preparing the meal and we sat down in front of the fireplace to eat. Whether it was due to the news we had just received, or whether it was my excellent cooking skills, we both say to this day that was the best meal we have ever had.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!